Vintage 1950s Sylvania Flash Guide Circular Dial Wheel Bantam 8 Flashbulbs

1 available

Vintage original 1950s Sylvania Flash Guide Dial Wheel.  Dial the center circular black wheel to select Lamp to Subject Distance in feet and the other side of the wheel will show Flash Guide Numbers.

Using the table on the back you are to find guide number for film and shutter speed you are using.

Set arrow on dial opposite this number.  The correct lens opening will now be opposite the distance from your flash to your subject.

Printed on a heavy card stock, wheel measures about 5 inches in diameter with the center wheel measuring a little over 3.5 inches.

Condition is very good with some wear and light blue smudges along outer wheel and on the back.  Also a small crease near the center of the black wheel.

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