The How and Why Wonder Book of Rockets and Missiles by Clayton Knight 1969 Softcover

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The How and Why Wonder Book of Rockets and Missiles by Clayton Knight.

1969 Softcover book measuring 8 1/8 inches wide x 11 inches long with 36 pages. Copyright 1960, 1962, 1967, 1969 by Grosset & Dunlop, Inc.

Questions include

  • How Old is the Rocket Principle?
  • When were Rockets First Used in Modern Warfare?
  • Were Many Rockets Fired in World War II?
  • Is the Rocket Missile Replacing Artillery?
  • What Types of Rockets are Shot From Planes?
  • Are Rockets Superior to Guns as Antiaircraft Weapons?
  • Are Rockets Used to Drive Target Drones?
  • How Do Rockets Boost Jet-Propelled Missiles on Their Way to a Target?
  • How Does the United States Navy Use Rockets?
  • How Does the United States Navy Plan to Use Rockets in Undersea Warfare?
  • In What New Ways Will Rockets Be Used?
  • How is Fuel Conserved in Launching Probe Rockets?
  • How Will Permanent Missile Bases Be Constructed For Instant Use Against Enemy Attack?
  • How Are Missiles Launched Where There Are No Permanent Bases?
  • What Records Were Made With America's First Rocket Planes?
  • Must Pilotless Missiles Be Assisted Off The Ground?

Color and black and white illustrations throughout. 

Book is in very good condition with some corner and edge wear to the covers and a white streak on the back cover.  Please click on photos for a close up view.  Interior pages are very nice with no marks or tears.

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