Vintage Yuletide Tie Ons Christmas Tree Ornaments Bearded Elves New in Package Japan

Vintage Yuletide Tie ons, Tree Trims, Party Decorations Christmas Tree Ornaments No. 6280.  Made in Japan.

These decorations are new in unopened package.  Five bearded elves, gnomes, or wisemen (?) with a white triangular body with gold trim and red buttons.   Each is wearing a tall gold colored hat. 

In the original unopened packaging so it's hard to see for sure.  But it appears they each have a pipe cleaner on the back to be twisted around a tree branch for hanging.   This could also just be what is used to hold them in place in the packaging.  It also looks like there may be gold colored string attached to each hat for tying on a tree branch.  Surprisingly little information on the package.

Each elf measures about 3 1/4 inches tall from the tip of his hat to the base.  and about 2 inches wide with their beard fluffed out. 

Condition is very good.

Sweet little Christmas ornaments!

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