Vintage Xylophone Childrens Toy Musical Instrument 2 Wooden Mallets Japan

Vintage wood and metal children's Xylophone. 8 Key model. Tin Xylophone with colorful keys that feature numbers, letters and toys.  Dates to circa 1950s. Comes with 2 wood mallets.  Made in Japan.  Designed to lay flat or stand on fold out metal legs.  

Xylophone measures 9 inches long x 4 1/4 inches wide at the widest point, and stands about 3 inches tall when legs are used.

Instrument is in used condition with some of the nails that hold the keys somewhat lifted, some rust on the keys on the top and the bottom side, rust on the legs, and the number "5" key is running the opposite direction of the other keys.

One of the mallets is slightly longer and is a faded red, the other is bare wood with the tip a bright red.

These would be cute in a rustic or primitive display.  Or use the keys in assemblage projects.

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