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Vintage 1954 Christmas Pop Up Novelty Santa's Fun Book with 3D Glasses an Metal Clicker

Vintage "Santa's Fun Book."  This is a spiral bound softcover children's Christmas pop up book that measures 8.5 inches wide x 10.5 inches tall.  Also has an eight page coloring book at the back. 18 pages not including front and back covers or coloring pages.  

Lots of novelties in this book including:

Pop ups
Metal Clicker
Metal Bell
3-D Paper Glasses & two page 3-D picture
Box of 4 Regent brand crayons (still in the box)

Copyright 1954 White Plains Greeting Card Corp.

Comes in original box.

Condition for the box is good with wear to corners and edges and some splits along the box edges.

Book is very good with coloring pages colored in, original recipients information written on second page, and some light soiling and general wear.  See all photos.

Fantastic vivid colors!

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