Vintage Oversized Coloring Book 1934 Saalfield The Farm Book to Color No. 2103 Farming

Vintage Saalfield Oversided Coloring Book.  The Farm Book to Color.  Copyright 1934.  Book number 2103.

Large book measuring almost 13 inches wide x 14 inches long.

Front and back covers are in full color and feature a boy and girl at a wooden fence, watching a pig.  Lower right corner is marked "The Baileys."

32 pages, with four pages having been colored in neatly with crayons.  The first two pages after the title page were printed in color.

Pictures to color include:
The Collie farm dog named Rover
Barn with weather vane
Weather Vane (has been colored)
The boy Billy feeding the calves
Billy's father sharpening the plow
Three ducks
Hollyhocks along the garden fence
Pigs eating corn
Pet rabbits eating carrots
A pony cart
Daisies and Buttercups
A Robin's nest (has been partially colored)
A silo
Pumpkins and Jack-o-lantern
Billy riding his pony to school
Red-winged blackbird
Lettuce, carrot, pepper and tomato
Jersey Cow
Sliced apples (has been partially colored)
Jane swinging in a big tree
A tractor
Hen with chicks, and coop
Turkey and pan
Flock of sheep
Mother cat with 2 kittens
Stalk and ear of corn
Corn crib
Work horse (has been colored)
Squirrel eating nuts

Good used condition with the centerfold (2 pages, 4 pages counting front and back) having come loose from the book.  The two pages have a lot of wear around the edges.  The other interior pages may have a few small tears along the edges.  And the page with Billy feeding the calves has a vertical tear along the spine, running half way up the page.

Covers are good with light edge wear, and some light soiling on the back.

A really fun 1930s farm themed coloring book!

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