Vintage Penn Colorama No. 930 Drip Candles Set of 2 in Original Box

1 available

Vintage set of 2 Penn Colorama No. 930 Drip Candles.  Drips a Cascade of Many Colors. 

Box back reads:

Light a Colorama Taper and watch the cascade of many colors.  These white candles are gay deceivers - as they burn the color dripping of many hues will flow down the sides, producing a varied color formation of icicle-like splendor.

Place a Colorama Candle in a bottle or pottery container. If you use a candle holder set it on a plate, tile or some other wide base. By replacing candles in same receptacle you will create a permanently beautiful color mound.

Box originally held four 12 inch candles.  Only two remain in the box.

The two remaining candles come in the original colorful Penn Wax Works, Inc. box.

The box measures 3 1/4 inches wide x 12 1/4 inches tall x 7/8 inch thick.

Nice candles for your Christmas decor collection!


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