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Vintage 1969 Hairstyles Desk Calendar Leonel's Detroit Michigan

Vintage 1960s Hairstyles Hair  Salon Desk or wall Calendar.

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7610 Second - Near Fisher Bldg.
TR. 1-1635
Detroit Michigan


Calendar is for the year 1969.  Includes a cover page and months February through August, and October through December.  January and September have been torn out.

Each calendar page shows a photo of a named hairstyle.  Named styles include:

February - Cupid
March - Curly Crop
April - Ripple Do
May - Crownflower
June - Curlspun
July - Scollop Cut
August - Mini Swirl
October - Cream Puff
November - Sunset
December - Inspiration

Calendar measures about 5 inches wide x 7 inches tall.  Calendar pages are a medium weight glossy paper. Back is a heavy card stock and has a fold out easel on the back so it can stand up.  Or a dot can be popped out near the top so it can be hung using a nail. 

Condition is fair to good with some soiling, some circled days on the calendar pages, bends to edges and the two missing pages noted above. Does have a perfume smell to it also, as it was stored in a makeup case over the years.  Cute retro hair do ephemera!

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