Vintage 1950s Hallmark Get Well Card Bear Sick in Bed Dream Meanings Book Used

Vintage 1950s Hallmark Greeting Card. Features a little bear in bed, dreaming. Reads, "A Dream book to Cheer You. This "dream book'" comes while you're in bed, And snoozin' quite a lot, To tell you what you'd better dream And what you'd better not."

Opens to bear sitting up in bed. Inside reads, "And then it brings a wish for you, That you'll get well so quick, That folks who didn't know it, Wouldn't dream that you'd been sick."

The bear's covers have a slit that holds a little book measuring 2.5 x 3 inches. Book is titled, "Your Dreams Explained" This little book has 14 pages filled with silly dream meanings.

Such as:
Halo; If you dream you're wearing one, it's a sign there's some mistake.
Opera singer; To dream of an opera singer denotes a voyage on the high C's.
Pain-in-the-neck; This is a good sign someone's swiped your pillow.

Card measures 5 inches x 5.75 inches when closed. Condition is very good with ink signatures inside and ink writing on back. Published by Hallmark.

This is the original card. Would be great for altered art projects, scrapbooks and collages.


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