Vintage 1930s Art Deco Filled Scrapbook Album Scrap Book Clippings

Vintage circa 1930s scrapbook album. Book measures 8 inches wide x 11 3/8 inches tall. Contains various cutouts that are glued into the album.

Cutouts include: children, Art Deco women, African American woman, mice, babies, furnished rooms, southern belles, candy molds, dogs, cows, etc.

Includes 27 pages (counting each side of a page as 1 page) with cutouts. And there are 19 blank pages at the back.

The filled pages have clippings glued to the front and back. With the exception of the last filled page having only one side used.

Bound with 2 metal brads.

First page is loose. Second page is split most the way up the spine. A few other pages are also starting to split. Pages are also somewhat brittle along the edges.

Cover has some soiling.

Pages after the first few, do not open flat because of the way this album is bound.

Lots of fun images in this scrapbook!

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