The Mother Goose Book 1914 Antique Linen Children's Book 709 Mary LaFetra Russell

The Mother Goose Book. Illustrations by Mary LaFetra Russell.  Copyrighted 1914 by Samuel Gabriel Sons & Company, New York.  Book number 709.

This is a first edition book. 12 adorable color illustrations (front and back of 6 pages) depicting each nursery rhyme, by Mary LaFetra Russell.

Nursery rhymes include:

  • Mary had a little lamb
  • Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat
  • Jack and Jill
  • Handy Spandy
  • Bow-wow-wow
  • Tom, he was a piper's son
  • Little Tommy Tittlemouse
  • Jack, be nimble
  • Wooley Foster
  • There were two birds sat on a stone
  • Polly, put the kettle on
  • There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

Large linen book with stiff wraps measuring a little over 9 7/8 inches wide x 12 inches long.  16 pages including the front and back covers.

Used condition with a crease on the lower right corner of the front cover, split along the top and bottom of the spine, fraying along the spine, edge and corner wear, and some foxing and soiling.  Interior pages have some foxing, some creased corners, and a couple of missing corners. 

The interior pages were originally printed and adhered together (front and back) they have started to separate in the lower outer corner, probably from the pages being turned over the years. 

All pages of the book are shown in the photos. Click on photos to zoom.

Adorable antique illustrated children's book!

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