Old Maid Whitman Card Game 4492 Vintage 1960s Playing Cards for Children Complete Deck

Vintage Whitman Old Maid Card Game No. 4492.  Dates to late 1950s or early 1960s.  This is a complete set of 47 cards, which includes one card for the rules, case cover card, and Old Maid card.  The back of the cards is a red and white pattern.

Deck includes:

2 Milkman Mo
2 Bagpipe Barney
2 Fifi Fluff
2 Freddie Falloff
2 Loggin' Larry
2 Heap Big Talk
2 Billy Blaze
2 Postman Pete
2 Baker Benny
2 Greenthumb Gert
2 Clancy Clown
2 Ballet Betty
2 Alto Annie
2 Crazy Cop
2 Slap On Sam
2 Lasso Louie
2 Arnie Angler
2 Diver Dan
2 Tumbledown Tess
2 Hayseed Hank
2 Careless Carrie
1 Old Maid Card
1 Rules Card
1 Old Maid Deck Cover Card

Cards measure just over 2 1/4 inches wide x 3 1/2 inches tall.

Cards all show some degree of wear.  With some having major or light creases, bumped corners, etc.  No torn cards.

Comes with the original clear hard plastic box.  The box has scratches, but no cracks.

Adorable set of cards for altered art, scrapbooks, or just to play with!

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