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Endangered Young 'uns 1994 Animal Counted Cross Stitch Chart Pattern Book, 16 Designs

Endangered Young'uns.  A 1996 Designs By Gloria & Pat Counted Cross Stitch Pattern Book.  16 designs by Ruth and Bill Morehead.

Softcover book that measures 8.5 x 1 inches, with 39 pages.

Animal designs include:
Nature's Little Ones
Mountain Zebra
Monk Seals
Baby Mountain Gorillas
Ocelot Kittens
Black Footed Ferret
Bobcat Kittens
Badger Cubs
Golden Lion Tamarin
African Wild Dogs
Spotted Owls
Snow Leopards
Bald Eagle Chicks
Carolina Northern Flying Squirrels
Utah Prairie Dogs

Condition is very good with some wear to covers.

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