Vintage 1950's Boys Birthday Cards with Baseball Theme Puppy Kite Boy in Uniform Scrapbooking

Adorable vintage 1950's boys birthday cards. This listing is a lot of 2 cards dating to circa 1950s. The card on the left features a little boy flying a kite. A puppy is standing near by. Front reads, "Happy Birthday to a fine Boy". Published by Forget-Me-Not. Card is used with ink signature inside and scrapbook residue on back. Measures 4 x 6.25 inches.

Card on right features a baseball theme with a little boy dressed in a baseball uniform. He is leaning on a bat and holding a ball. He also has a puppy near his feet. Front reads, "Hello Little Leaguer, Happy Birthday". Published by A Sunshine Card. Card is used with pencil inscription inside and scrapbook residue on back. Measures 4.5 x about 6 inches tall.

Both are the original cards. Great for scrapbooks, journals, gift tags and more.

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