Antique Advertising Bookmark Merricks Spool Cotton Victorian Girl in Pink Dress Thread

Original antique advertising bookmark for Merrick's Spool Cotton.  Features a little Victorian girl in a pink dress, reaching up toward a dangling spool of thread.

Front reads: Merrick's Spool Cotton, Book Mark.

Back reads: Merrick's Anti-Monopoly, Anti-Trust, Anti-Combination. Spool Cotton.

Merrick's Spool Cotton is six cord, soft finish, and is made from the finest quality of combed Sea Island Cotton, and, on account of its superior strength, eveness, and smoothness, surpasses all others for hand and machine sewing.  Try one spool and be convinced of its excellence.

Dates to circa 1890s.

Measures just under 2 inches wide x 6 inches wide.

Condition is good with a crease running diagonally through the lower left corner.

Adorable image!


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