Vintage 1908 Postcard Humorous Leap Year Cartoon Funny Comic Romance

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This wonderful vintage Leap Year postcard dates to 1908. Shows two women, one holding a dog on a leash, the other with a man captured in a hunting bag.

Reads: "Where did you catch him, Mag?"

Poster on the tree reads:

Hunting Season
From Jan1, 1908 to Dec. 31, 1908.
GAME can be hunted with any old weapon.
Trapped, shot or stabbed. Any huntress found with more than one specimen will be prosecuted under the laws governing the preservation of species.
Leap Year Series. Card number 1071.

Card is used with 1908 Hanover, Kansas postmark.  Addressed to Miss S. Bartels at Bremen, Kansas.

Measures 5.5 x 3.5 inches.

Condition is good with edge and corner wear and crease near upper right corner.  Also has album impressions at each corner.

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