The History of Our American Flag 1898 Chase and Sanborn Coffee Advertising Booklet

Original antique Chase and Sanborn Coffee and Tea Advertising Booklet.  The History of Our American Flag.  Copyright 1898, Gray Litho Co., N.Y.

Booklet measures 3 inches wide x just over 4 inches tall, with 16 pages including front and back covers.

Front cover shows an angel holding a laurel wreath, while overlooking the American Flag.

Inside includes 6 color litho pages showing flags. 


The Bunker Hill Flag 1775

Pine Tree Flag of the Navy 1775

Rattlesnake Flag 1775

First Union Flag 1776

First National Flag (13 Stars)

There is also Chase and Sanborn advertising scattered throughout on the pages of text which tell the story of the flag.

All pages are shown in the photos.

Booklet is in excellent condition and the color lithos are gorgeous.

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